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Userveys offers a limited always free plan. This plan will allow for only one survey and 25 monthly responses (no video responses, analytics or integrations). Get on the waitlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is minimal. After creating a survey in the Userveys panel, you will copy and paste a few lines of code into your website or application

While Userveys must store response data to provide the feedback to you, it is secured by SSL (meaning it is encrypted while it is traveling to and from your browser) and response data itself is encrypted in the database for an extra layer or privacy and protection.

When looking at survey tools, it felt like there was a lack of personality and humanization. Feedback is just as important as contact or help widgets. So why not have it in surveys?

The idea is that as a user or visitor of your website feels more personally connected, they will be more comfortable to provide unbiased feedback and continue a conversation.

Good news! I will be letting in users during the very beginning of the beta with no immediate billing.

Once paid accounts begin billing, there will be a 14-day trial.

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